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Avoiding the Mistakes Associated With Web Hosting

Although you might understand the basic setup involved with the various types of web hosting, there are still some very common mistakes that can make things more difficult than they need to be. Even worse, these mistakes may decrease the functionality of your website.

1 - Pricing Traps

Like anything else, keep in mind that you get what you pay for with web hosting. Shared hosting might be cheapest, but if you have a lot of website traffic, its functionality will suffer. Similarly, free hosting is almost always a bad idea due to the placement of ads and the inability to develop your website the way you want.

2 - Not Providing a Clear List of Requirements

When you are shopping for web hosting services, you’ll want to come up with a concise plan about what it is you want and the resources you will need. You’ll want to not only make sure that your provider can offer these resources as well as additional resources that will be readily available as your business grows. 

3 - Overlooking a Bad Website

Believe it or not, many people overlook the hosting company’s website—even if it’s poor. If things like bad grammar, difficult navigability or even an unattractive color scheme are apparent, it may be best to move on to the next option. This should be an indicator of the level of service you are going to receive from this provider.

4 - Hosting Multiple or All of Your Websites with One Company

Although this may sound financially feasible since you’ll likely get discounts on things like managed hosting or dedicated hosting when all of your websites are under the same account, there is one serious problem with doing so. If the host crashes for any reason at all, then all of your websites will be down. This means you’ll lose all of your income instead of just a portion. You may want to consider placing the websites that generate the most money on different servers—and with different providers, as well.

By avoiding these mistakes, not only will you likely save money on your web hosting needs, but you’ll also enjoy better business. Please keep in mind that many of the same rules apply with colocation hosting; if you have multiple servers, housing them in a couple of separate facilities may make more sense.