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Basic Colocation Services – What Is Included?

Basic colocation services can be described as those which are provided by a company that do not include any form of server management whatsoever. All of the server management is left to the business owner, but the company still provides plenty of services and features that can save your business money.

Basic Colocation is Unmanaged Colocation

Different companies offer different types of colocation. The most basic of these is known as unmanaged colocation, or a situation in which the colocation company offers only the ready facility and nothing more. On the other end of the scale, managed colocation occurs when the colocation company furnishes not only the capable facility, but also the setup, maintenance, updating and electronic protection of the server. This essentially takes all of the worry out of the hands of the business owner, but it comes at an additional price. Today, we will focus on what is included with a basic colocation service.

Electricity and Internet

When you choose basic colocation, you will either physically deliver or ship your servers to a facility that will house it. This facility provides all of the electricity and internet access needed to run the server correctly and help maintain 100% uptime. In most cases, these facilities have various types of batteries and generators in place to keep your server online in the event of a power failure. Similarly, they also partner with multiple internet service providers so that there is always a connection to the internet. This means that if one internet service provider temporarily fails, another will be there to help pick up the slack.

HVAC and Security

Your server is designed to run in a very stable environment. The HVAC systems that are required to keep your servers healthy must maintain a constant temperature of 72 degrees, a humidity level of 45% and a highly specific particulate level. This means that the HVAC systems in colocation facilities even work to reduce dust! Similarly, the servers are often physically protected by various means, including things such as alarm systems, video surveillance and even round-the-clock security staff that monitor each and every room on-site.

As you can see, even if you choose basic colocation, you will still be getting plenty of peace of mind. However, if you are not interested in managing your own server, it may be best to choose managed colocation services instead.