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Bridging the Gap between Shared and Dedicated Hosting with VPS Hosting

If shared hosting isn’t the right choice for your growing business but dedicated hosting seems too expensive, then you may want to look into a third option that is known as VPS hosting. This provides you with a virtual private server, hence the VPS acronym, at a very affordable price.

How it Works

When it comes to shared hosting, multiple domains are hosted on a single server—sometimes up to 2000 or more—and each domain is required to share resources with the rest of the domains on the server. Conversely, with a dedicated server, the entire server is dedicated to a single domain or a few domains for the same company. This provides additional performance and addresses potential security risks. VPS hosting makes use of virtualization software that is added to a single server which allows that server to run each domain it hosts separately from one another. This gives you many of the same benefits of dedicated hosting at a fraction of the cost.

When VPS Hosting Is Better than Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a good choice for very small businesses or those that do not have a lot of website traffic. This is because low-traffic websites use fewer resources like RAM and bandwidth, so it is possible to share a server and still enjoy functionality. However, there is the possibility that one of the domains on the server could experience a sudden jump in activity, thereby removing resources from the other domains and impairing their ability to function properly. VPS regulates resources and ensures that no one domain is able to access more RAM or bandwidth than that to which it is entitled.

When VPS Hosting Is Better than Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting provides more resources than VPS hosting since it is possible for an entire server to host a single domain. The only time that this is incredibly necessary, however, is when the domain has a serious amount of traffic at all times and processes thousands of e-commerce transactions each day. While dedicated hosting—or even colocation hosting—is often recommended for larger businesses, VPS hosting is the best option for small to mid-size businesses that have more traffic that can be efficiently handled by a shared server. It is also a great alternative to shared hosting for businesses that are growing quickly.

Of the three basic types of web hosting, there is no denying that VPS hosting offers the most flexibility for small to mid-size businesses. Although dedicated hosting may provide more resources, there are some cases in which it is just overkill.