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Dedicated Hosting Information and Service Providers

Dedicated hosting is quite simple to understand. Essentially, it means that a business’s server is located in a data center—either onsite or offsite—but is still under the business’s complete control. Hence, the server is dedicated to the business and is not shared with anyone else. In the case of colocation, the server is located in an offsite data center and is controlled by the business, but there is a team of technicians standing by to assist with things such as upgrading hardware, firmware, resetting the server and even upgrading operating systems.

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Superb Internet

No matter the size of the business or the business’s needs, Superb has it covered with plenty of options from which to choose. These include not only budget options for small businesses that do not need a lot of support, but also complete enterprise packages for large businesses and corporations who have not yet transitioned to onsite hosting. They offer:

There are plenty of choices available, and Superb will work with business owners to discover the best package to fit not only the needs of the business, but also the business’s budget.

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Lunarpages prides itself on offering business owners pre-constructed dedicated hosting packages with various add-ons. This allows the business owner to pick and choose what is necessary and what is not, thereby eliminating unnecessary charges for things that are not of immediate concern. Some of the best benefits that Lunarpages can offer when it comes to dedicated hosting include:

Lunarpages takes the time to speak with business owners directly in order to help them determine their needs. Then, they will present the best options available along with a quote for services.

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PhoenixNAP provides dedicated hosting services to thousands of customers worldwide and continues to receive rave reviews thanks to its ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction. The company offers plenty of server options as well as plenty of prices from which to choose. Some of the best features associated with PhoenixNAP dedicated hosting include:

PhoenixNAP also makes use of the Intel XEON range of processors in either single- or dual-processor variations. On top of this, business owners can select to add Dell SonicWall or Redundant Dell SonicWall for even more protection. These firewalls are some of the best in the industry.

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HostDime is a bit different in that all of the dedicated servers it offers are fully managed—but they are available at great prices. The company is also well-known for providing only the latest and most revered technology in the industry, so business owners will never need to be concerned with lack of performance. The servers are also customizable, meaning that a variety of options to increase performance even more are always available. Some features associated with HostDime’s dedicated servers include:

One of the best things about HostDime is that their IT specialists are their own and are never outsourced. They are always on hand to resolve issues immediately and ensure that servers experience nothing less than 100% uptime.

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When it comes to dedicated servers, Steadfast is a trusted industry name. The company offers plenty in the way of features and options, so it is always the right fit for any business, regardless of its size or budget. The Steadfast Service Builder, available on the company’s website, makes selecting the server and services easier than ever. Some of the features available through the company’s dedicated server options include:

Steadfast takes its customer guarantees very seriously and offers everything in an SLA for even more security. Business owners can choose from general or high availability servers to best suit their needs.

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Nexcess offers the Magento Hosting service and it is available in two different packages and varying price ranges. These include the SIP-400 dedicated hosting plan, featuring:

For businesses that need a little more, the SIP-500 plan includes:

Both plans also offer one account and one dedicated IP address per server. Business owners will receive SSH access, SSL certificates, Juniper hardware firewalls and much, much more.

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Why Choose Dedicated Hosting?

There are many reasons why dedicated hosting can be a huge advantage over shared hosting, but the primary differences between these two options are performance and cost. Shared hosting costs less, but since the server is shared, performance can be affected. Dedicated hosting means that no other customers share the server; this increases performance.

More Performance at a Higher Cost

Many business owners tend to shy away from dedicated hosting because the costs are substantially higher than those associated with shared hosting. However, if the business has a lot of website traffic and plenty of e-commerce, then the additional performance is always well worth the cost. Consider this: if a business’s website experiences issues due to a ‘clogged server’, customers cannot make transactions. Sometimes, they might be unable to access the website at all. This is not the case with dedicated hosting; it allows the business owner to determine the exact amount of performance necessary to ensure that all traffic and transactions are handled seamlessly.

Features to Consider

Business owners who have made the decision to go with dedicated hosting have some options available to them. First, they can opt for what is known as managed hosting if they do not want the hassle of managing the server on their own. This means that everything from setup to maintenance and even routine upgrades will be handled by a third party. Similarly, business owners will want to ensure that the hosting company they choose provides plenty of network stability, easy operation and no issues with downtime.

Dedicated hosting is a great option for businesses that enjoy moderate to high levels of website traffic and e-commerce. Although it is definitely more expensive than shared hosting, this is an investment that is sure to bring a high return.

Dedicated vs. VPS and Shared Hosting

Dedicated hosting simply means that a server belongs solely to one business and is not shared with any other customers. In the case of VPS and shared hosting, however, this is not the case. Business owners will need to determine which option will work best for their businesses and their budgets.

Dedicated vs. VPS Hosting

The best thing about dedicated hosting is that everything is under the customer’s control. From rebooting the server to customizing the software, the customer has the final decision. When it comes to VPS hosting, however, this is not the case. Customers are often required to select from pre-installed software packages and rely on a third party to reboot and maintain the server. To put it simply, dedicated servers are able to run anything the hardware can handle. This is not often true of VPS hosting.

Dedicated vs. Shared Hosting

There is a huge difference between dedicated hosting and shared hosting. With shared hosting, customers share a server with other customers—sometimes as many as 2000. For small businesses which have very little website traffic and e-commerce, or for those websites that simply provide information rather than the ability to order products or services, this is often not a concern. However, as the business grows—or if the business decides to add things such as the ability to order products and services online—dedicated hosting is a better option. Since the server is not shared, there is more performance and the ability to allow for much more website traffic.

Once business owners have learned the differences between the different types of hosting, choosing one is often a no-brainer. Many of the companies that provide hosting will be more than happy to discuss the options and help business owners make the best possible choices.

The Pros and Cons to Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is by far one of the best methods of hosting, but although there are plenty of benefits, there are also some downsides—especially when it comes to cost. However, in most cases, the return business owners receive on their investments is worth the cost.


When business owners choose dedicated hosting, it means that they will not be required to share their server with any other customers. This provides the best performance available and ensures that website visitors will not experience any issues while reading, ordering or performing any other activity on the website. Dedicated hosting is also available as a managed service, and this is a great option for business owners who do not want the hassle of maintaining their servers on their own. For those who want complete control, most companies provide this option, as well.


While dedicated hosting provides plenty in the way of performance, the cost can be much more than that associated with other types of hosting. As such, businesses that do not have a lot of website traffic or those that do not deal with e-commerce may benefit more from the lower-cost options like low-tier VPS hosting or even shared hosting. Some companies only offer non-managed dedicated hosting, so business owners who want some assistance when it comes to upgrades and the like will need to find an option that includes management, as well.

Overall, the pros and cons associated with dedicated hosting are offset by the reasons for its use. If a business wants full control over its server, dedicated hosting is worth the cost. Otherwise, smaller businesses can look into other options if they want to save money.