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HostDime Web Hosting Review

HostDime is a privately owned and globally operating provider of datacenter services. It has been in business since 2001 and provides services such as colocation and several types of web hosting. Today, the company now has more than 250 employees across the globe and at various colocation facilities, and none of the security personnel, technicians or support employees are outsourced. This means that all of the employees are dedicated to the success of the business—and to the satisfaction of their customers. Currently, the company hosts more than three million domains worldwide.

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HostDime Colocation Hosting and Services

Business owners who have their own hardware and simply need a place to keep their servers up and running will be glad to know that HostDime offers a world-class colocation facility in Orlando, FL. The center has connections to multiple service providers which include Time Warner and Level 3 among others. The facility is constantly monitored and protected by HID electronic keys, so all of the hardware—and the information stored on it—is kept safe and sound.

The company offers plenty of colocation options which range from single-server applications to full rack applications. In fact, single unit colocation starts as low as $65.00 per month. For those living in or near Orlando, HostDime provides facility tours by appointment. The facility itself was built to resist category 4 storms and spans more than 20,000 square feet. In the event of a power interruption, the facility boasts two huge diesel generators as well as battery power that can keep things running for up to 15 minutes consecutively.

When it comes to security, HostDime provides plenty. There is constantly someone on site to protect the facility physically, and entry is only allowed with electronic key cards and biometric hand scanners. There are more than 50 surveillance cameras onsite as well, so security is definitely a top priority. Similarly, the building’s top-notch HVAC systems ensure that the temperature is kept at a stable 72 degrees Fahrenheit and that the humidity level is a constant 42%.

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HostDime Dedicated Hosting Services

HostDime offers a wide range of fully managed dedicated servers to fit the needs and budget of any size business. Whether the business is small and has minimal traffic or large with ample traffic, there is a solution. The dual-core processer server series is incredibly affordable and offers plenty in the way of data and power. For only $145.00 a month, businesses can secure a fully managed server with 2GB RAM, a 500GB HDD and much, much more.

For very large businesses in need of massive capabilities, HostDime can take care of these, as well. A fully managed 2x Octo-Core E5-2650 series processor from Intel is the best it gets. Add to this 16GB RAM and a 500GB hard drive, and it truly becomes an unstoppable force. This is available for $575.00 per month, which is competitive with other competitors’ prices for completely unmanaged services.

HostDime also features a ‘bargain bin’ on its website. Here, customers can find recently discontinued products and lower-power options that typically suit the needs of smaller businesses. In fact, there are some offers that are as little as $100 a month for a fully managed dedicated server.

All of the dedicated servers are monitored by and protected with the proprietary Synapse system. It was developed solely by in-house engineers and features high-performance software and innovative technology. It has the ability to perform 10,000 monitoring transactions per second with ease. The purpose of the software is to constantly monitor all of the servers and ensure that threats are stopped before they even have a chance to start.

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HostDime VPS Hosting Services

Like the dedicated hosting services, all of HostDime’s VPS hosting options are fully managed. These services were designed to fill in the gap between basic shared hosting and more advanced dedicated hosting with a virtual private server environment. HostDime provides options for both Windows and Linux users and provides the necessary framework to make any website run phenomenally.

For Windows-based websites, there are three options from which users can choose. Monthly prices start as low as $40.00 and discounts are often available if these rates are paid annually, instead. At the minimum, users receive 20GB of disk space, 1000GB of monthly data use, one IP address and 768MB of memory. At the high end, which is $75.00 per month, users will receive 40GB of disk space, 3000GB of monthly data usage, 2048MB of memory and two IP addresses. For those in the middle, another package is available for $50 per month.

All of the VPS hosting service options come with remote desktop service, full administrative access and a Comodo SSL certificate.  For both Windows and Linux users, HostDime has worked to provide only the best hardware and software for the most seamless experience possible. Users note that navigation is simple, and even though the VPS hosting is managed, they feel in control of the aspects they want to control. All in all, these plans are great values for what they provide and users note that the service is everything they expect and more.

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HostDime Shared Hosting Services

HostDime hosts more than 2,000,000 domain names on its network, making it one of the largest and most trusted shared hosting service providers in the industry. It operates its own data center that is staffed with knowledgeable employees around the clock, and the services are completely scalable to fit the needs of any growing business.

For those who choose to work with Windows-based servers, HostDime offers this type of hosting for as low as $14.95 per month. The business hosting plan can be tailored to fit one domain name or many, and it is recommended for those who are new to web hosting. The company offers other types of shared hosting services as well, so business owners who have not yet decided or those who simply are not sure about which service is the best choice for their needs can contact HostDime to discuss specifics.

With HostDime’s shared hosting services, business owners can also choose between standard and managed hosting plans. Managed hosting is a great way for businesses to get their domain names set up and running with minimal effort. In this case, HostDime will take care of everything from setting up the hardware to maintaining the domain name once it is up and running on the server. Things like OS upgrades, security updates and more are all handled by the company. This gives the business owner flexibility to focus on other aspects of the business—something that is especially appreciated by startup business owners.

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