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How Colocation Can Help a Small Business Grow

Colocation is essentially the storage of your business’s server in an outside data facility that is already equipped for ensuring that the conditions are optimal for 100% uptime. Understanding how colocation can help a small business grow will help you make better decisions regarding your business.

Why Colocation?

There are several options out there for giving your business an online presence, handling website traffic and making even large amounts of e-commerce not only possible, but also flawless. If your business is growing rapidly and you are considering the purchase of your own servers, then you’ll need to decide whether or not to house your own servers or send them to a pre-constructed data facility. Colocation is much like paying rent; rather than building your own data facility with HVAC technology, generators in the event of power failures and even structural reinforcement to protect your servers in a storm, colocation facilities have already done the hard work for you.

Advantages for Growth

Since you actually own the server—even if it is located across the country—the ability to do things like update it as the business needs change or keep the server running if the business changes physical venues are priceless. This is incredibly important for start-up businesses since the first year or two often determines the success of the business overall. If the website is constantly going down for maintenance or moving, there is the potential to lose a lot of business. This can actually cause your business to go under.


New small businesses must be very watchful of their overhead and their expenditures, and most small businesses simply do not have the money to build their own data facilities and hire teams of IT specialists. While colocation is a bit more expensive than other options such as shared or even dedicated hosting, it is the absolute closest thing available to having an on-site IT team available to you. You can also choose managed or unmanaged colocation with many companies, and this provides even more flexibility as well as nearly unlimited options.

In the end, if your business is growing rapidly and you want to be able to support massive amounts of traffic and e-commerce without breaking the bank to build your own data center, then colocation facilities are a great choice. There are plenty of price ranges available and most companies will work diligently with your budget and needs.