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Lunarpages Web Hosting Review

Lunarpages is one of the most well-known providers of IT solutions and business process outsourcing. The company offers colocation, virtual private server hosting, dedicated hosting and shared hosting around the world. They are extremely well-known for their managed services and users claim that their websites run flawlessly -- even when they have minimal knowledge of complex IT systems and networks. The company offers some of the best technical redundancy and state-of-the-art hardware in the industry, meaning that businesses that choose to use Lunarpages for their hosting needs will enjoy peace of mind when it comes to their websites.

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Lunarpages Colocation Hosting Services

Lunarpages provides two top-notch data facilities in Southern California -- one located in Los Angeles and another in Irvine. However, since the company accepts server shipments and can even provide servers to business owners, they can service companies around the world. Both facilities are completely secure and reliable, and they promise customers 99.99% uptime on each and every server.

The Los Angeles data center is an ideal facility for both single-server and multi-rack applications. Since it is situated just minutes from LAX and a few minutes south of the downtown LA area, it is close enough to be efficient without the hassle of traffic and congestion. This is great news for LA locals who choose to maintain their servers on their own. The facility offers plenty of security with strict surveillance and limited access, racks and cabinets that are designed to tolerate the impact of earthquakes, double key-card access systems that are monitored 24 hours a day and much, much more.

The Irvine data center can be found in the center of Orange County’s corporate community. This facility is best suited for single rack colocations but can also provide private caging for large server collections. This facility is also backed by video surveillance and also boasts a state-of-the-art alarm system. All records are kept on file for at least 90 days so that any discrepancies can be addressed with ease. There is also biometric security, which is a sure-fire way to prevent unauthorized access to servers. Systems are monitored for overheating, humidity and more around the clock.

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Lunarpages Dedicated Hosting Services

When it comes to dedicated hosting, it is difficult to outdo Lunarpages. They offer options for both Windows and Linux-based applications and clearly list all of the pricing information on their website. There is plenty from which to choose, so businesses will never be asked to pay for bandwidth, CPU power or data usage that they simply do not need. Similarly, the company is also able to provide highly specialized solutions if none of the offerings on the website prove to be what a business owner is looking for.

With the Windows-based plans, customers will receive 10TB of bandwidth per month and great rates on additional bandwidth thereafter, if necessary. Five IP addresses are included with each plan, and add-on features like clustered servers and MSSQL databases are completely affordable. There are three tiers of managed hosting available as well, and this is great news for those who would like the freedom to leave maintenance, updating and more in the hands of a capable third party. These managed hosting plans range from $9.99 to $149.99 a month, and each offers a different level of specialized care. Finally, if the business does not own its own servers, they can be purchased or leased from Lunarpages directly.

For the Linux-based plans, all customers have access to the same 10TB of bandwidth with great prices on additional bandwidth if it becomes necessary. Some backup storage is included, but additional storage can be purchased, too. The cPanel add-on is available for free upon request, but an additional cPanel offering that offers much more in the way of applications is available for an additional $15.00 per month. Remote rebooting costs $10 per occurrence, and there are plenty of options for managed hosting here, as well. Things like dedicated chat, phone and email support and even a 30-day money back guarantee are provided free of charge.

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Lunarpages Shared Hosting Solutions

Lunarpages offers business shared hosting solutions that are perfect for most small to mid-sized businesses. The concept for business hosting is a bit different with Lunarpages as this company also offers basic web hosting for consumers who run blogs, webpages and more. The company understands that complex lead generation systems and e-commerce takes more resources than what standard web hosting can offer. For this reason, the company offers all of the tools, support and scripts that business owners need for their websites—and therefore their businesses—to be truly successful.

Some of the things that Lunarpages offers for business shared hosting include TremenDesk, which is a help and support system for business owners who need their website questions answered and issues addressed. The company also provides SecureLive, which is proprietary protection from hacking that monitors servers 100% of the time and stops hackers before they have done any damage. There is unlimited storage, domains, FTP accounts, bandwidth and databases as well, so business owners will truly have everything they need to ensure that their websites are top-notch and always in working order.

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