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PhoenixNAP Web Hosting Review

PhoenixNAP takes pride in offering one of the most disaster-proof colocation facilities in the country. They are also known for staying ahead of the technological curve by anticipating future needs and securing the hardware, software and technology necessary to cater to their clients’ demands. The company offers not only excellence in colocation, but also award-winning hosting services and cloud technology that has been touted as groundbreaking by worldwide experts.

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PhoenixNAP Colocation Hosting Services

PhoenixNAP offers two data facilities to meet the needs of their customers—one in Phoenix, AZ and another in Washburn, VA. Both centers are well equipped to provide ¼ racks all the way up to private caged suites, and it is a carrier-neutral facility that boasts more than 17 carrier choices from which clients can choose. The facilities offer raised flooring and redundant power that is specifically designed for high-density facilities. The company’s security standards cannot be outdone and there are many colocation products, services and support options available at either facility.

At the Ashburn facility, there is 24/7 onsite security, biometric scanning to prevent unauthorized access, a complete state-of-the-art alarm system, access level assignments to control facility access and more. At the Phoenix facility, the company boasts one of the most disaster-proof colocation centers in the country. Here, the likelihood for tornadoes, hurricanes, winter storms and even earthquakes is relatively low, but the center still has plenty of safeguards in place to protect against these.

p>Another great aspect associated with PhoenixNAP is the installation service that the company can offer. Not only will they provide equipment security from the loading dock, but they will also install the equipment on the racks according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Cabling can also be done in-house, and most customers report that their servers are up and running in as little as three but generally no more than five working days.

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PhoenixNAP Dedicated Hosting Services

The dedicated hosting provided by PhoenixNAP takes place in one of the two data centers owned by the company. These services are highly competitive in price and most users report that the company offers an excellent value. When it comes to dedicated servers, PhoenixNAP offer 100% guaranteed uptime with their high-quality network equipment, totally redundant designs, round-the-clock monitoring and enterprise network security. They have truly created a network that is designed to last.

Not only can users rely on constant uptime, but they can also get their questions answered, issues resolved and concerns addressed thanks to 24/7 support that is available via chat, email or telephone. The agents are friendly and knowledgeable, and customers report that they experience excellent issue resolution on the majority of their contacts. When this is accompanied by some of the best values in the entire hosting industry, it is easy to see why so many people choose PhoenixNAP for all of their hosting needs.

There are plenty of plans and equipment types from which to choose, including Intel’s latest offerings. With dedicated hosting as well as other hosting services offered by PhoenixNAP, customers can decide whether or not they would like managed hosting. This service is available for an additional fee, but users say that the company does a great job and the management service is worth every penny. Business owners can concentrate on other aspects of running their businesses and let PhoenixNAP handle the rest.

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