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Superb Internet Web Hosting Review

Superb has many claims to fame in the colocation and web hosting industries, including being the first provider to offer name-based virtual hosting and commercial VPS service. The company is well known today for providing support staff around the clock in each aspect of its services, whether these individuals specialize in colocation, shared hosting, dedicated hosting or even VPS hosting. Superb also works hard to remain budget-friendly in an economy that is less-than-conducive to affordability—something that not every service provider can claim.

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Superb Internet Colocation Hosting Services

Superb is a leader in colocation and offers both rack and single-server options. It has data centers in Washington, D.C., Springfield, VA and Seattle, WA in order to serve the entire country. The company offers world-class facilities for companies who already own their own servers and simply want access to locations that are climate and temperature-controlled as well as disaster-proofed. The company accepts servers through FedEx, UPS and USPS or even via hand-delivery for nearby businesses. Then, the servers are placed in certified and audited data centers where they will be provided with physical security, electricity, bandwidth and even backups.

The security and climate control provided in these facilities is truly state-of-the-art. Live video surveillance at each of the three data centers ensures that no unauthorized access takes place. These video feeds are monitored by live security personnel around the clock—even on the holidays and weekends. All of the data centers also provide the latest in temperature, humidity and even particulate control to ensure that the server is kept in optimal conditions for operation and longevity.

There is also much to be said for the virtual security provided by Superb. Unlike some facilities, Suberb’s data centers are all equipped with technologically advanced firewalls that protect customer data completely. The actions of neighboring servers have absolutely no consequence on others, so business owners who use Superb can rest assured that their servers, their information, and even their customers’ information is kept completely safe and secure at all times.

Finally, in the event of a power outage, Superb has installed plenty of backup power in the form of generators. All of this protection—electronic, physical and procedural—ensures that servers are up and running as much as possible with minimal downtime.

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Superb Internet Dedicated Hosting Services

Superb is also a leader in dedicated hosting services as it is one of the few companies out there offering the ability for business owners to lease their servers with the potential to own them. Dedicated hosting is available from Superb in three different classes: Budget, Corporate and Enterprise. Each is backed by plenty of support and security, and business owners can choose from managed hosting or the ability to manage their servers on their own.

The Budget dedicated hosting solutions are designed for businesses that are still small but growing. They offer just the right amount of power and bandwidth to handle moderate amounts of website traffic and e-commerce. Prices start at $39.00 per month and climb to $179.00 per month depending upon the needs of the business, and they all come with Superb’s excellent customer service and security. The good news is that these plans are scalable, so as the needs of the business change, the plans can be altered.

Corporate dedicated hosting is designed for moderate-sized to large businesses with websites that bring in heavy amounts of traffic and e-commerce. Prices start at $189.00 per month and climb to $359.00 per month, and there are several tiers in between. These packages help to ensure that even larger businesses never pay for more than what they need, and the scalability ensures that performance and bandwidth will grow alongside the business.

Finally, Superb also offers Enterprise dedicated hosting which is a great solution for businesses that want reliability and performance at both the network and server levels. These packages combine the XEON E5-2600 series units with the same great features contained in the corporate hosting bundles—all at one very reasonable price! The prices for these bundles start at $385.00 and end at $785.00 per month, so there is something available for a business of any size.

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Superb Internet VPS Hosting Services

When it comes to virtual private servers, Superb is right on the money. The company offers not only VPS hosting that can be managed by the business itself, but is also provides the ability to add managed hosting into the mix in order to remove some of the stress from the business owner. All of the packages include plenty of benefits which include patching and updating services, OS hardening, proactive monitoring, managed backup for Windows systems, backup options for Linux systems and more.

The patching and updating services available as part of the VPS bundles are absolutely flawless when it comes to ensuring that OS updates are downloaded, delivered and installed in a timely manner. The system automatically checks for patches and updates and then installs them appropriately. This service not only ensures that the OS is completely up to date, but it also protects the server from viruses, worms, Trojans and other attacks.

OS hardening is a critical function that addresses security issues within the server itself. Since VPS hosting means that a website will be hosted on the same server as other websites, security concerns are real. These procedures and strategies have been developed by Superb to reduce attacks and system downtime, thereby providing unprecedented peace of mind. In a nutshell, the system is configured to be as secure as possible and each website is configured to be as separate from the next on the server as possible.

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Superb Internet Shared Hosting Services

Superb uses what is known as Gridiron technology to provide excellence in web hosting services. Shared hosting is one of the most affordable ways to get a website off the ground, so Superb works hard to provide as much for the money as possible. The plans are all optimized for performance and designed to ensure that all of the websites on the server enjoy ample bandwidth and CPU power. Unlike other companies, resource allocation is very important to Superb and will continue to be an area of focus in the future.

The GridLite plan is great for personal websites or business websites that experience minimal traffic and e-commerce. At just $4.95 a month, it offers 20GB space, unlimited traffic, 1000 emails, more than 30 one-click applications and a free domain name for up to two years.

The GridPlus plan offers everything that the GridLite plan offers and then some. At only $6.99 a month to start, customers will receive 200GB space, unlimited traffic and 2000 emails. Also like the GridLite plan, there are more than 30 one-click applications from which customers can choose.

Finally, the GridMax plan is the largest and most comprehensive plan Superb offers. It comes with unlimited space and traffic, 4000 emails and all of the benefits of the other tiers. It starts at just $14.99 a month with the ability to choose from various hosting plans.

At the time of writing, Superb was offering six months’ free hosting to those who opted to purchase an annual plan, as well.

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